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Whisper of Inspiration
Lyrical art

"A Whisper Of Inspiration"

Linda L Gorman's first book of PoesyArt®
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"A Whisper of Inspiration"

"A Whisper of Inspiration" is Linda Gorman's first edition of her PoesyArt: Impressionistic images wed to thought-provoking lyrical poetry to catch the eye and stir the mind. Her artful presentation creates the ambience for the mind to receive the deeper message lurking behind the words. Linda's writing style is best described as conversational lyrical verse that spontaneously and emotionally flows from the heart. Simple and moving.

Standard Landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm)
76 pages | Hardcover with Dust Jacket | Published May 3, 2008

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About My Book of PoesyArt

Table of

Sample Pages from
A Whisper of Inspiration™

PoesyArt is the result of a connection with my inner spiritual self and a love of art. I have always been in tune with my higher self or spirit within. Yoga and meditation helped me to quiet the mind and listen more to the subtleties that surround us all.

As I opened the connection to creativity by listening, with pen in hand, I would record what I call whispers of inspiration: lyrical messages that often start with a difficult life condition and end with a solution to ponder. Some whispers were inspired by people and events that touched my heart. An hour or sometimes several days later a poem would be at the tip of my pen.


Touching the Heart of Others

As I grow into maturity, my intrinisic self seems to have overcome the self-imposed egotistic self that I once embraced as a way of life. I am now more aware of a broader understanding of the human struggle for survival and love.

It is not merely the fact that we are all striving for the same needs but it is the way in which we attain and maintain these basic necessities that is the real importance to our true meaning.

Beyond the necessities, we are not on earth just to help ourselves but to live through our own spirit and touch the souls and hearts of people around us.


The Greatest Gift

In his book, Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling, Wayne Dyer wrote that the greatest gift we are here on earth to give is inspiration. Inspiration can be as simple as setting a good example for your children or as grand as gathering a group of people for a large humanitarian cause.



The poem, “A Whisper of Inspiration,” came to me while my husband and I were driving to Santa Fe, New Mexico on vacation. Trucking on down the road, I read Deepak Chopra’s The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire. His book speaks to a wave of creativity to which one can connect with when there’s a need for a bit of motivation or direction.

I did not appreciate the magnitude of the significance of being able to touch this creative wave until I read his book. Thank you, Deepak, for answering the questions I needed answering when I was ready to listen. Your spark of inspiration culminated in my book, A Whisper of Inspiration.


My Gift

A Whisper of Inspiration is my gift I am sharing in hope that a message or image may spark a light of realization and change a person’s life in a positive way. The message is always there when a person is ready to listen.

The whisper is wisdom through the eyes of the spirit!


Quiet The Mind
Alone, Adrift
Above The Clouds
Love And Respect
Decisions, Decisions
Find Your Heart
Life's Journey
Believe In The Life You Live
Who and What
Rhythm And Rhyme
Rigors Of Life
Words Can Hurt
Information Is Power
A Direction
A Diamond In The Rough
The Greatest Blessings
One Race Of Humanity
Inherent Duality


Places of Inspiration

The Brightest Star
Enchanting Old Santa Fe
Sardine Lake
An Old Fashioned Summer
The Present Moment
Who Are You?
Seductive Sedona Arizona
Fearless Grace
The Wild Lupin
The Morning Dew
Simplest Saddest Soul
A Single Thought
To Live In The Shadow
Dare To Create


To Those Near and Dear

Celebrate Each Moment
Free As The Wind
My Daugher Dear
A Special Day
Shelly Dear
Two Songs That Rhyme
Nature's Heartbeat
Beyond Success
Letting Go

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Please note that large prints on fine art paper and artists' canvas are available for nearly all of the images in the book plus many others in Linda's gallery. Images in the book are not exact replicas of the larger prints but are derived from those prints and formatted to fit the book presentation.


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