book cover: whisper of inspirationPoesyArt, a special form of message art, conveys ideas by creatively integrating poetic messages with imagery. Linda Gorman's PoesyArt deals speciflcally with meditationinspirationtransformation, always with the hope of advancing one's understanding of a condition and nudging one to make changes for the better.

Self-esteem, individuality, and responsibility are the foundation of many of her poesy writings: when you honestly examine how your self-perceptions affect your behavior and consequently your quality of life, with an open mind towards change, anything is possible. And choosing for your loved one a PoesyArt art gift shows how much you care.

Although Linda's primary purpose is to communicate her heart-felt messages in her form of lyrical poetry, it is probably the imagery that will first catch your attention. You will then be drawn into her message.

All imagery starts out as Linda's high-resolution digital photography. She digitally manipulates those images in a way to produce a result that reflects the mood of the topic.

PoesyArt fine art giclée prints on artist canvas are more than visual art; they are likely to catch the casual observer in a moment of need, bringing about a discovery leading to change.(1)

Have you ever wanted to send an important, perhaps difficult, message to that special person, but didn't know quite how to say it? PoesyArt gifts deliver on what needs to be said. And with the poesy style, does so with a gentle touch.

PoesyArt paper prints are giclee-printed on acid free archival paper using durable Ultrachrome ink with a light-fastness rating of over 80 years.

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PoesyArt® Prints

Archival Paper / Artists' Canvas

art print: loretto chapel santa fe

art print: grand canyon

art print: sierra


A Whisper of Inspiration

The First Book of PoesyArt

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(1) "Serendipity" ... a natural gift for making useful discoveries by accident.

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art print: pacific coast
See the MOVIE... the beautiful way to experience Linda Gorman's PoesyArt art form.

poesyart: impressionistic photography with lyrical poetic messsages